Opal Flame Consultancy offers the following technical authoring, strategic research and educational services for the engineering and construction sectors. Click on each button for more information. Visit the consulting or education pages for examples of current and past work.

Strategic research or policy landscape analysis? Industry reports? Large or small document projects? Feasibility studies, technical manuals, EPC bids or contract sections? Design and access statements and other planning documentation? Project execution plans and strategy? Or do you just need help shaping up your project deliverables? Opal Flame Consultancy will take on such projects turnkey and:

  • undertake research of the landscape
  • establish a writing plan setting out responsibilities and targets
  • engage stakeholders/authors and keep to the plan
  • write a style guide or police an existing one
  • wholesale write content if needed
  • proof read content
  • liaise with your creative services as needed for final delivery

Operational processes and procedures need a shake up? Developing new ones? Struggling to make sense of all the tasks and interlinks? Dr Robert Illes will help you see the wood from the trees and:

  • undertake a detailed review of your existing documentation/strategies
  • work with you and your stakeholders to plan the structure of new processes using the SIPOC methodology (Supplier, Input, Process, Output, Customer)
  • author processes and procedure content
  • work within your governance structure to seek final approval

Developing contracts for E, P and/or C or M works? Would you like a second pair of eyes to ensure your documents are internally consistent and do not shoot the client in the foot? From a non-legal, non-procurement prespective, Dr Robert Illes will:

  • thoroughly review all contract sections
  • ensure defined terms are used correctly throughout
  • ensure the whole contract speaks as one and that there are no inconsistencies in client or contractor obligations
  • offer suggestions to tighten language where obligations are unclear - to help mitigate potential spurious claims
  • curate development of packages client-side, working with contracts/procurement teams, being the interface with technical teams
  • help develop bid evaluation strategies if needed

Developing new training as a result of new innovations, disruption or imposition of new regulations? Engage Opal Flame Consultancy to help develop your education or training strategy BEFORE you develop courses or qualifications/certifications. We will:

  • undertake foresighting to determine subject matter needed, role personas, target audiences
  • liaise with stakeholders such as technologists, educators, qualification or certification bodies
  • deliver a strategy for the proposed intervention
  • develop competence frameworks through consultation with stakeholders
  • make proposals for any new qualifications or certifications that could be developed

Strategy, competence frameworks, qualification/certification plans in place? Do you need a one-off or a series of courses designing? Dr Robert Illes has years of pedagogy experience and will:

  • set out the learning outcomes and always hold these up as a light
  • develop classroom or webinar training content turnkey
  • fully develop actor scripts for use in e-learning
  • work with your e-learning developer to turn around any e-learning required

Dr Robert Illes will take on occasional teaching or lecturing, typically on a guest or industry lecturer basis. This could be a one-off engagement or a whole module. Audiences engaged currently include undergraduate, post-graduate, degree-apprenticeship and experienced professionals. Subjects include:

  • Modern methods of construction
  • Innovation in the industry and its link to policy
  • Sustainable procurement and value-based decision making
  • any other topic within reason, provided content is available!


Dr Robert Illes at the Offsite Alliance stage

Dr Robert Illes at Digital Construction Week

Dr Robert Illes is also available for industry conference speaking and panel engagements. He talks about topics such as construction industry workforce issues, education and training, sustainability, value and innovation in the industry. He likes to tell stories - narrative often gets points across and engages audiences more effectively. Thirty years' professional life means he has a lot of stories up his sleeve...

Opal Flame Consultancy will also undertake some nominal creative work as part of the services such as audio recording, video editing, photo editing, InDesign and the like. Where this needs to be done by professionals, we will liase in detail with them.

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